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Name:Jason Todd
Birthdate:Aug 16
Location:Gotham, New Jersey, United States of America
I'm the Red Hood. Don't become the scum of the universe and we won't have a problem. Also don't become Batman, or we're gonna have two problems at the least.

(I'm putting Jason close to where he was just pre-reboot. He's been through his death and resurrection and is still unsure as to what brought him back. He's on his own in Gotham, alternately avoiding and antagonizing various members of the Bat clan while dishing out his own brand of justice – namely, killing scumbags. His motto is essentially "cool motive, still murder" at this point, but she's starting to wonder if he's maybe crossing some lines. My goal is to play Jason as trying to reform himself in the eyes of the hero community – not necessarily giving up killing for good, but figuring out how to balance his set of morals with the heroes at large. He's got ties to Donna Troy and Kyle Rayner, but is wary of pretty much everyone else – Jason's mindset is largely that Bruce has told everyone that he's too dangerous to trust, so in return he has a hard time trusting others. I also play Jason as being Lady Shiva's son, not Sheila Haywood's, so his relationship with Dinah Lance is probably complicated as a result.)

Interests (11):

80s rock, alternative rock, antagonizing batman, cleaning up crime, english literature, fiction, jumping off buildings, kitchen nightmares, nonfiction, putting some serious hurt on some serious scum, russian literature
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