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So I guess today was my birthday.


Kinda makes a guy wonder how old he actually is.
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One thing I miss about working with B: access to shit. This whole system I've got going - namely, the one where I don't have access to GCPD files unless I ask Oracle really nicely - is getting old. Like, really old. And old is never a good thing when your cases are time-sensitive. Like, oh, the possibility of kids being "exported" from the docks.

But I can't get the files I need, because I don't have B's connections. Not that he ever answers my calls, but... well, he's not answering my calls. My normal go-to in this situation is "blow shit up," but I don't want to hurt any bystanders, mostly because they're kids, and blowing them up isn't saving them.

This sucks.
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A prison transport carrying violent offenders suffered an accident and ran off the road on its way into Gotham. The guards were able to maintain order, but three prisoners are missing, and there is evidence that it may have been an inside job.

(Green Arrow, Red Hood, Oracle, Black Canary)

Plotting here is probably easiest, but if someone's got another idea that works for everyone, I'm all ears.
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I give myself these nights off, thinking I'll relax or something, but mostly I just end up staring at the ceiling and wishing I was out there. Not that I don't love investigating the cracks in my ceiling, but I feel like there's a lot more I could be doing, you know?

Maybe I'll get a crossword book or something. Sudoku puzzles. Not word finds, though; every time I try one of those, the letters start swimming around on me. Not a good time.

What do you all do on nights off?
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Literally on the town, as I plan to be gathering intel for a bust tonight, and my chosen point of view is the top of a building. Ha. I'm hilarious.

Man, I'd kill for a burrito. Or, well, I guess that's not a big stretch for me these days. I'd... not-kill for a burrito? I don't know, man, I just really want a burrito, but I'm stuck on this roof until the dirtbags I'm watching are done for the night.

I'm gonna dream about burritos, I can just feel it.
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And now I have a place to record all of my thoughts and whatever. Go me. Apparently it's healthy to get all these thoughts and crap out of your head, and apparently I need to be healthier. Go figure.


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